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who are the Kurds

Who are the Kurds? The Kurds are one of the indigenous people of the middle east, they inhabit along the Zagros mountain areas. the Kurdish people belong to the Aryan race, and they as its stated in their national anthem are the descendants of the Medes "Median Empire"
the Kurds speak the Kurdish language which consists of two main dialects "Sorani and Kurmanji", about 70% of the Kurds speak Kurmanji.

How Kurdistan got divided?
Kurdish people have existed in the region that we now call (eastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq, western Iran) for thousands of years ago
Treaty of Zuhab on May 17, 1639, was technically the first agreement to divide Kurdistan which the result of it was dividing Kurdish inhabited areas between the Safavid Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

the Kurds have never stopped rebelling against their neighbors (Arabs, Persians, and Turks) who tried to put the Kurds under their rule.
sometimes the conflict between the Kurds and each one of them would lead to a deal that ensures some kind of self-administration to some of the Kurdish clans

90% of the Current Countries have got their independence from the old empires in the twenty century.
so after the fall of the Othman empire in the same Century, The Kurds also sought their independence.
but the western countries in that time have had other plans that would eventually serve only their own ambitions in the region.
In 1916 Kurdistan got divided into another three parts as a result of the secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France which is known as The Sykes-Picot Agreement.
after dramatic, fast, and complicated events that have occurred in the region, those three parts after few years turned into western Turkey, northern Iraq, and northern Syria.

What happened to the Kurds after the establishment of the so-called countries Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran
Since that time the Kurds in those mentioned countries have faced all kind of oppression and Injustice
millions of them were forced to get displaced outside Kurdistan, many hundreds of thousands of them got killed as a result of that
a systematic cultural genocide was launched against them
The Kurdish language was banned and "Arabization" and "Turkification" were forced on them they even tried to hide their names from History books!
the Kurds are still rebelling to free their land and establish Kurdistan, till now they failed because they had no leaders capable of uniting them.

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