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who are the peshmerga
and how the name has been selected ??

PEŞMERGAThe Peşmerga phrase consider as a very important and holy word for kurdish people 
this label only calling to the human who works with selflessness, sacrificing his life to get the fair rights and freedom for his people
it was to hear this word really difficult and frightening between the followers of dictatorial regime and traitors, and thus turn into a source of arrested and trance in prison and death for everyone who hold the word Peşmerga...
linguistically label consists of two words, Peş=front and Merga= death....mean front of death ( death-defying)

How the name has been selected and when
history tells us that in one of the days of the republic of Mahabad met political and military leadership of the republic, led by Judge mohammad (the martyr) to find a label for kurdish fighters, at that of the service men his name was "Ahmed Dasmal" entered to the meeting carrying a groups of teapots for them, when he heard the topic of discussion he asked the Judg Mohammad to share them his thoughts too..he selected the word "PEŞMERGA" then every one there agreed with him, from that Date the Word Peşmerga become like symbol of kurdish fighters..and had become appreciated and respected for the kurdish people
Prepared by : Hassan Rame

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