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Mazlum Dogan

Mazlum Dogan

in the beginning of the eighties, in the city of Amed "Diyarbakir", a young Kurdish man
shrieked front of the Turkish military court saying that he will never surrender to them he will never stop asking for Kurdish Rights 
screaming Serhildan jiyan e Berxwedan jiyan e which means "resistance means I am alive"
resistance against Turkish fascism governments 
it was very hard to him to say that, because of the long hours of tortures that Turkish soldiers did to him in the prison..he almost was able to stand on his foot 
he continued to say his words "Serhildan jiyan e Berxwedan jiyan" 20 times till he fall down the ground and pass out, 
this man's name was Mazlum Dogan....
On 21 March 1982, the day that Kurds celebrate "Newroz" by lighting up bonfires, Mazlum set his own cell at the AMED"Diyarbakır" Prison on fire and hanged himself in order to protest against the Turkish Government. With this act, he tried to awake awareness on the inhumane conditions at Amed "Diyarbakır" Prison and other jails in Turkey during the 1980 Turkish "coup d'état". His suicide was the start of a number of hunger strikes and resistance campaigns run by prisoners of conscience
Mazlum becomes after that a symbol of Kurdish resistance against Turkish is mazlum is dead now but did they killed his spirit ? did they killed the Kurdish Nation ? do they think the Kurdish Revolution will stop? do they think Kurds Will leave Kurdistan to them...the answer is No and Never.

[soundcloud src="304989234"][/soundcloud] Some Important information and events of Mzlum life
Mazlum Doğan born in 1955 in the village teh-men /Eleziz Province,
finished high school in Eleziz in 1974, he enrolled at "Hacettepe University" in Ankara, In 1976 he joined the Kurdish student movement, and become a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party
He has been the first chief editor of the party's newspaper Serxwebûn
the Turkish government arrested him in 1979, under the excuse
of founding and leading a "terrorist organization"...

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