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Nelson Mandela's Message to the Kurds (1997)

Nelson Mandela's Message to the Kurds (1997)

" We know what it means to be oppressed in your own country.
We know the pain of a mother whose child has disappeared…

We know what it means when a child not be talked in a language of his or her mother 
We know what it means to have your nationality and culture insulted..that is what the Turkish Government doing to the Kurds,and for this reason,today i am not your visitor i am not your guest 
I am part of the Kurdish struggle. I am one of you.
we know that the European Community and particularly Germany use the excuse of terrorism and security to stop the peace process
I want to tell them that Nelson Mandela was also called terrorist
but now he is a president of south Africa
I want to tell them that Robert Mugabe was called terrorist and now he is a president of dear friends of Kurdistan we hope soon that your leaders will be in your Perlman in Kurdistan and you will have your own president...
its "Turkish war" not only against the PKK it's against human rights in turkey it's also a war against the workers and Liberals Movement its war against democracy in turkey,terrorism is used as an excuse to deny the human rights of the Kurds and also the people of"the Kurds" don't want to spread all of the worlds you want to be in one will be able to stop the determination of the Kurds to be free
Biji Serok Apo "

[youtube src="33zNRe8QPhI"/]

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