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Why the Kurds want an independent Country

Why the Kurds want an independent Country

all historical records agree that Kurds are one of the middle east's Indigenous Nations. Kurds have their own speaking language which is called "Kurdish" and their own culture and tradition folklore.
before 6 thousand years the Sumerians called their ancestors "Kur-tu" which mean "brave, mountaineer", Kurd's ancestors built many Great empires such as Gouti, Mittani, Media, Sassanid. and later on, they played important roles in the next empires and powers that appeared in the middle east such as the Islamic Khilafat, and we can mention Salahdin and his Ayyubid dynasty as an example.
since the 19s century, the Kurds are rebelling to free their land and establish Kurdistan, till now they failed because they had no leaders capable of uniting them.
according to the Sykes-Picot Agreement(1916), Kurdish inhabitant regions was divided between "Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq"
Kurds in Turkey
after the fall of the Othman empire in 1920 and before the Turks have a stable Turkey, their leaders especially Kemal Ataturk promised the Kurds to let them establish an independent country in their regions if they fight with the Turks in "War of Liberation"
After that war, Ataturk betrayed the Kurds, he retreated from his promises and started a Turkification campaign in the Kurdish inhabitant regions, as a reaction, Kurds started rebelling against the Turkish Army that was supported by the west and Europe, and with their help through weapons...etc Ataturk crashed all armed Kurdish revolutions in his time.
Ataturk's ideas of eliminating the Kurds and fighting the Kurdish Identity later become an adopted Ideology in Turkey
the Kurdish language and folklore...etc were completely banned.
for a long time, any instructional and Educational Projects in the Kurdish regions was prohibited and still limited till nowadays the aim is to keep ignorance spread in the Kurdish tribes, and to force Kurdish youngs to migrate from their regions to the Turkish developed Cities, seeking better financial life and so on.
but still, today there are some Kurdish political and armed movements that seek to make any Achievements and restore rights to the Kurdish people.
Similar stories and Practices happened to the Kurds in Syria and Iraq and Iran
after the fall of the Ottoman empire.
they used the Kurds to establish a stable country, and then they turned back and betrayed the Kurds and retreated their promises.
Kurds in Syria
in 1962 the Syrian government Deprived more than150 thousand Kurds of the Syrian nationality now they are more than 300 thousand.
any Kurdish political parties were banned in Syria.
"Hizam Al-Arabi" was a study of how to displace Kurds from their regions and Arabized it, includes very dangerous Suggestions of how to do that. the Syrian Ba'ath government took those suggestions into consideration after the oil exploration and the establishing of "Karatchok oil field" near Derik city in the Kurdish region of Syria. the project began practically in 1973 after Bedouin Arabs were brought in and resettled in Kurdish regions of Syria.
Kurds In Iraq
Saddam killed 182 thousand Kurd in Anfal campaign and forced millions to be displaced from their regions and bombed the Kurds with chemical weapons.
Kurds in Iran
the Kurds attempted many times to liberate their land but they failed
Khamenei promised them to have an autonomies region if they fight with him against the pro-western dictator Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
but later, Khamenei betrayed them and declared "jihad" against the Kurdish parties
in short
Kurds are living now among four of the most dictator countries of the middle east.
but history says that Kurds will use any available chances to free their land


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