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Amuda (Arabic: عامودا‎, translit. 'Āmūdā‎, Kurdish: Amûdê‎, Syriac: ܥܐܡܘܕܐ‎) 
-Amuda is one of Rojava towns, located 27 km western Qamshlo, close to the border with Turkey
-In 2004 the population was 26,821, 90% of the inhabitants in the town are Kurds in addition to a significant number of Arabs and one remaining Assyrian family
-The city is about three centuries old
-Amude chamber "حجرة عامودة": In 1920, Mullah Obaidullah Al Qasim, who came from the village of "Dari", built a room (a room for education) in Amouda to teach Sharia, Fiqh, Language, and Astronomy...etc
many students came to Amude chamber seeking for education such as the very famous Kurdish poet Cigerxwîn and others...
-Amuda and several neighboring villages were bombed in 1936 by the French after five planes attacked the city to quell the patriotic spirit of the people following an uprising that was ignited by some Kurdish tribes to get rid of the French colonial power led by Sa'id Agha Daqouri....
-On November 13, 1960, a fire broke out in the cinema, killing more than 283 children, all of them in primary stages" betwwen 7-13 years old" The causes of the fire are still "unclear"
a large number of Amude citizen believe that the Syrian ba'ath government was the one who committed the crime
-Historical Landmarks 1-Park of Amuda cinema 2-Sharmola hill 3-Cemetery of Amuda 4-The Grand Mosque 5-Alarasa Market 6-Fatura Souq
-Amuda today is situated in Jazira Canton within the autonomous Democratic Federation of Northern Syria


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