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Efrîn spelled Eyf-ren (Arabic: عفرين, Kurdish: Efrîn‎; Syriac: ܥܦܪܝܢ‎)
-Efrîn is one of Rojava cities, located western of Kobane next to a bridge of the Aleppo road. The city is split into two distinct halves by the river
-Efrîn is a district, as well as a city, The total population of the district as of 2005, was recorded at 172,095 people, of whom 36,562 lived in the city of Efrîn itself
-the town and district are named for the Efrîn River
-The olive tree is the symbol of Efrîn. Efrîn is a major production center for olives. Olive oil pressing and textiles are some of the city's local industries.
-Syrian government forces withdrew from the city during the summer of 2012. The Popular Protection Units (commonly known as YPG) took control of the city soon afterward
-The town of Afrin originated in the 19th-century foundation as a market. In 1929, the number of permanent residents was merely 800, growing to 7,000 by 1968. The town was developed by France under the French mandate of Syria
-There was an outbreak of civil unrest on 21 March 1986, during which three people were killed by the police. In 1999, the arrest of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan triggered renewed clashes between Kurdish protesters and the Syrian police.
-Efrîn Canton autonomous part of Syrian Kurdistan was declared on 29 January 2014
as a result of an agreement between Turkey and Russia, On 20 January 2018, the Turkish army using NATO Weapons and with help of thousand of Jihadist Mercenaries launched an Attack against the City.
the resistance of YPG/YPJ against that attack continued 58 days, On 18 March 2018 the Kurdish Fighters restrict from the City to "Shahba Canton" northern Allepo. 
after the capture of the city, the Turkish-backed Jihadists looted the city and destroyed numerous Kurdish symbols, including a statue of Kāve and kidnaped and killed hundreds of many civilians. 


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