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Girê Spî

Girê Spî

Girê Spî (Arabic: تل أبيض‎, English: White Hill'‎, Kurdish: Girê Spî‎, Armenian: Թել Աբյադ, Syriac: ܬܠ ܐܒܝܕ‎)
-Girê Spî is one of Rojava towns, it constitutes a divided city with the bordering city of Akçakale in Turkey "Bakurê Kurdistanê".
-Located 58km eastern Kobane along the Balikh River
-The majority of the inhabitants of the town are Arabs 40% and Kurdish 35% with large Turkmen and Armenian minority
After the Syrian Civil War started in 2011, the town fall in diverse Islamist opposition groups controls On June 30, 2013, Tell Abyad was captured by the al-Nusra Front and ISIS who raised their flag at the border crossing with Turke
-on 21 July. ISIL fighters systematically looted and destroyed the property of Kurds and resettled displaced Arab Sunni families from the Qalamoun area (Rif Damascus) Deir Ez-Zor, and Raqqa in abandoned Kurdish homes
-in June 2015 taken over by YPG after defeating ISIS
-On 21 October 2015, a council including representatives of local Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and Armenian communities declared Girê Spî "Tell Abyad" part of the de facto autonomous Federation of Northern Syria -Rojava. As a community in Kobanê Canton


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