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Girkê Legê

Girkê Legê 

Girkê Legê (Arabic: المعبدة‎‎, Kurdish: Girkê Legê‎, Syriac: ܡܥܒܕܗ‎)
-Girkê Legê is a Kurdish town located in eastern Rojava "northeast of Syria" 23 km south of Derik, 65 km east of Qamishlo, 623 km northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus
and the town is 35 km from the Iraqi border and 15 km from the Turkish border
-Girkê Legê "Muabbada" had a population of 15,759 in the 2004 census
-The majority of the inhabitants of the town are Kurds with a large Arab minority
-Its construction dates back to 1934 and others say it was built in 1938
- the Ba'athist Party In the 1990s under president Hafez al-Assad changed the name of the town from Girkê Legê to Al-Muabbada "Arabization" until 24 July 2012 Syrian security forces withdrew from "Al-Muabbada" and returned under Kurdish control and since then they use the original name of the town which is Girkê Legê
-The town is characterized by its old cemetery located in the center of the town, which dates back hundreds of years to discover many ancient pottery and pottery during the process of digging graves and according to the testimonies of the people of the town there was a plaque next to the cemetery with French writings
-In 1978, the town was supplied with electricity by 72 wooden poles
-In 1983, Newroz was celebrated in the town for the first time.


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